Outlook 2016 Crash at Startup

Ran into this one today… the Office 2016 Preview for Mac crashes. The solution is to open Terminal and run the following commands:

defaults delete com.microsoft.Outlook

killall cfprefsd

They delete old preference files and then kill cached preferences. Voila!

Restarting OS X with Filevault Enabled

If you’re up on your security, you’ve enabled FileVault on any and all Macbooks you have. The problem for an IT admin working off-site or away from the physical machine is that you may need to reboot the computers. With FileVault, a user will need to enter their password first before OS X boots.

With the commands below, you can reboot a Macbook with FileVault WITHOUT NEEDING USER INPUT. This is good for late night work or times when the user is in a meeting.

Simply open you Terminal and to first check if the command is supported, type:

fdesetup supportsauthrestart

If everything looks good, you can then enter the following and reboot:

sudo fdesetup authrestart