ESXI iSCSI Connection or NAS Showing As Normal / Degraded

I ran into this issue at a client where we were forced to use an iSCSI connection for their backup. After upgrading to ESXI v6, the connection started showing as Normal / Degraded.

After doing a number of troubleshooting items, I found an obscure forum post where it was claimed that ESXI will flag it as degraded if there is only one connection (ie. the connection is not redundent).

I ended up un-bonding my NAS’s two NICs, added the “new” second NIC as a target for ESXI, rescanned the storage devices on ESXI, and voila… my degradation was resolved!

Rebooting ESXI Host in a Stuck State

Sadly had to use this one this morning… fire up SSH and run this command to force a reboot:

reboot -n -f


You’ll lose the SSH connection and the host will reboot




VDP Upgrade Keeps Prompting To Take a Snapshot

In the course of upgrading a client’s Vmware Data Protection appliance today, I ran into an issue of it continuing to say “Create a snapshot first!”

Eventually I found that I had to re-test and re-enter the vcenter credentials into the appliance! After that, the upgrade could commence.