UPDATE: Using Dell Command Configure to Set Wake-On-LAN for Dell Computers

I’ve previously written about using an older version of Command Configure for enabling WOL. The commands have changed in the latest version, v4.2 as of this writing. Download available here.

cctk.exe –wakeonlan=LanWlan for setting WOL for both LAN and Wireless LAN (wifi) connections.

Your options for –wakeonlan are:

  • LanOnly
  • Disabled
  • WlanOnly
  • LanWlan
  • Lanwithpxeboot
  • addincard
  • onbaord
  • sfpnic
  • lanorsfpnic
  • sfpnicwithpxeboot

If you need to see what options are available, you can hit use the -H command:

cctk.exe –wakeonlan -H