Expand Ubuntu Disk / Partition after Hyper-V Disk Expansion

I have an Ubuntu VM running in Hyper-V (or HyperV if you’re lazy) that I had to expand. I used the GUI in Hyper-V Manager to add some space first and rebooted my VM. After that I was able to utilize the new space by following these steps:

First, open Up Disks app and make sure your “VM” is seeing the free space

Look at the beautiful free space

After that, open up terminal and install some cloud tools that’ll help us out.

sudo apt-get install cloud-guest-utils

After that, run this command to use all that sweet new space.

sudo growpart /dev/sda 1

That’s it! It grew to use all the free space and we were good to go.

Completely Remove Firefox Tab Bar

If you’re a user of Tree Style Tabs or enjoy vertical tabs, use this tweak to remove the tab bar at the top of your screen where tabs used to live.

You can edit the userchrome.css file by using the following steps:

  • Go to about:support in Firefox
  • Scroll to the Profile Folder line and click “Open Folder”
  • Make a new folder called “chrome”
  • Inside this new chrome folder, make a file called userchrome.css

Once in the file, add your tweaks! To remove the tab bar, use this snippet of code:

#TabsToolbar {
  visibility: collapse !important;

For other ideas and customizations with userchrome.css, take a look at the FirefoxCSS Subreddit

Ubuntu – Cannot Mount Share – Read-Only

I ran into this one today on a fresh Ubuntu install. I was attempting to mount my NAS and configured fstab. I went to mount the share and got this error:

mount: /media/Data: cannot mount //[SHARE]/Data read-only.

The fix was to install cifs-utils via apt-get install cifs-utils

Afterwards, I was able to mount the share successfully. Of course, there may be a few other causes for this error so be sure you fit this scenario.