Refresh or Reset Firefox Bookmark Icons (Called Favicons)

Here is a quick easy fix for Mozilla Firefox – your bookmark icons (also known as favicons) are kept into a file called favicons.sqlite. Close Firefox, delete the file (or move it to another location), and start Firefox back up.

  1. Enter about:support in the location bar
  2. Click the Open Profile folder
  3. Quit Firefox
  4. In the file manager window that opened earlier, delete the favicons.sqlite file (or rename it)

That’s it! My favicons file was 30mb large (I have a lot of bookmarks)

Completely Remove Firefox Tab Bar

If you’re a user of Tree Style Tabs or enjoy vertical tabs, use this tweak to remove the tab bar at the top of your screen where tabs used to live.

You can edit the userchrome.css file by using the following steps:

  • Go to about:support in Firefox
  • Scroll to the Profile Folder line and click “Open Folder”
  • Make a new folder called “chrome”
  • Inside this new chrome folder, make a file called userchrome.css

Once in the file, add your tweaks! To remove the tab bar, use this snippet of code:

#TabsToolbar {
  visibility: collapse !important;

For other ideas and customizations with userchrome.css, take a look at the FirefoxCSS Subreddit