ESXI Error: Could not find a trusted signer: certificate is not yet valid

It’s been a while and there is plenty of reasons for that, but namely… I got a new job!

Anywho, here is a good one I encountered when trying to update an ESXI host.

Could not find a trusted signer: certificate is not yet valid

Failed to setup patcher for upgrade

Full error and command

I hadn’t used this host in a hot minute and one thing I know is that SSL Certs are time/date-based. I took a look at the date and time in ESXI and lo and behold found an incorrect date.

The incorrect date!

After setting the correct date, I re-ran the command and the ESXI update completed successfully. I also set the server to use NTP so this doesn’t pop up again.

ESXI iSCSI Connection or NAS Showing As Normal / Degraded

I ran into this issue at a client where we were forced to use an iSCSI connection for their backup. After upgrading to ESXI v6, the connection started showing as Normal / Degraded.

After doing a number of troubleshooting items, I found an obscure forum post where it was claimed that ESXI will flag it as degraded if there is only one connection (ie. the connection is not redundent).

I ended up un-bonding my NAS’s two NICs, added the “new” second NIC as a target for ESXI, rescanned the storage devices on ESXI, and voila… my degradation was resolved!