Outlook 2016 Attachment Tweaks

I’ve been using the beta build of Office 2016 and one of the nice new features that I’ve been getting use out of is the “Attach File” button. Before, you were prompted for a folder and file when clicking this button. In Outlook 2016, you are shown recent documents that you have saved. So if you work on Doc21.docx, save it, then go into Outlook and click ‘Attach File’… that file is the first one listed without needing to navigate around folders and finding your file! Nifty little feature. Screenshot below:



2 thoughts on “Outlook 2016 Attachment Tweaks”

  1. It’s not nifty…it only shows Word files, and since I hardly ever send these they ain’t recent. Never shows pdfs which I send daily. And I want it to look into the folder I serially create the content in.

    1. Hey Chris – That may be an issue on your side. If I open a PDF on my computer, then open a new email and do “Attach File” the PDF I just opened is the first item available to attach. Beyond that, there are image files and even .tmp files available. It doesn’t just do Word files.

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